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New trucks boost Alex Fraser’s fleet

Date: 1-Aug-2017

In 2017, Alex Fraser took delivery of 10 new Kenworth T610 trucks. Fitted with the latest safety and driver comfort features, the trucks boost Alex Fraser’s fleet to meet the increasing demand

for recycled construction materials and asphalt, fuelled by Victoria’s infrastructure boom and an increasing awareness in the construction industry of the benefits of using recycled products.

Alex Fraser Transport Manager Mario Tenaglia said there had been an exhaustive comparison of truck makes as part of the procurement process.

“The decision to purchase these trucks came down to two things: safety and wellbeing of our drivers and the best value over the life of the trucks.”

Managing Director Peter Murphy said an efficient transport service was critical to service customers’ needs and great trucks and drivers were essential.  

“Our drivers have an important job. They deliver multiple loads to a diverse range of sites daily. They contend with traffic, interact with customers and meet our stringent safety requirements. Having great trucks our drivers can take pride in helps attract and keep the best drivers. It also means our drivers can focus on doing their job well, and not be distracted unnecessarily.”

These trucks are Performance Based Standard (PBS) compliant and will deliver at higher payload weights. This higher payload means for every eight deliveries made, it is the equivalent to one less truck and trailer load on the road.

“The trucks boost Alex Fraser’s fleet to meet the increasing demand for recycled construction materials and asphalt. We’re supplying some of Victoria’s biggest infrastructure projects, such as the CityLink Tulla Widening, Monash Freeway upgrade, and the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project, as well as numerous suburban roads, footpaths and residential estates; that means less trucks movements to get these projects built.

In addition, new Iveco hook lift trucks have been purchased to help service the growing demand for recycled material bins on customer sites throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

Truck and trailer safety features

The trucks have all the latest safety features you’d expect on a luxury car, and few that are unique for the hazards of the job:

-          fully automatic transmission (no clutch pedal)

-          latest braking technology; EBS, ABS, disc brakes, automatic collision avoidance braking

-          vehicle distance alert

-          lane departure warning

-          raised tipper body alarm

-          jack knife sensor

-          pin engagement sensor

-          Iros trailer tilt sensor alarm

-          customised safe truck access

-          and egress features:

o    yellow mounted grab handles

o    cabin entry steps adopted from

o    Kalari truck design

o    step lighting for night and poor

      light visibility. issue

Driver comfort

Keeping our drivers comfortable and safe helps them do their job better. That’s why these trucks have:

• wider cab for more space

• sealed cab to reduce cabin dust

• climate control

• expansive windscreen for better visibility

• easy to view dashboard.

Transport Manager Mario Tenaglia featured in the August edition of Trailer Magazine. He talks about our new fleet of Kenworth T610s and how we worked with SAF-Holland Australia to help reduce tare weight and increase freight capacity. Read the full article here:

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