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Recycled glass sand for Craigieburn Sewage Transfer Hub

Date: 12-Jul-2017

The Craigieburn Sewerage transfer hub is a major initiative by Yarra Water, designed to improve the capacity to collect, store and transfer sewage flows from the many new subdivisional works throughout Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Civil engineering and construction experts Delcon Civil were appointed to the project due to their expertise in major drainage and pipeline construction for sewerage and waste water infrastructure.

Delcon Civil have chosen to use 5000 tonnes of Alex Fraser’s 5mm Recycled Sand as the pipe bedding and backfill materials for the storm waterline on this project.

Delcon Project Engineer Jack Merrin said they chose Alex Fraser’s recycled glass product for the job due to its unique, flowing characteristics.

“The lighter density and flowing nature of Alex Fraser’s Recycled Sand is beneficial to ensuring the material easily beds well underneath the pipeline. It makes our contractors’ jobs easier and delivers a reliable long-term result,” he said.

The project is well underway and expected to be completed in December 2017.

The use of Alex Fraser materials on this project has:

REDUCED landfill by 5000 tonnes

REDUCED carbon emissions by 33 tonnes

REDUCED traffic by 15 truck movements

PRESERVED natural resources by 5444 tonnes.

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