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Recycled products hit the spot on Plenty Landfill Rehabilitation

Date: 12-Sep-2017

A section of Nillumbik’s Recycling and Recovery Centre, in Victoria, is undergoing rehabilitation. The area is being sealed using a variety of products including Alex Fraser’s recycled glass sand and aggregates.

Max Bright and Sons (MBS) have been appointed to the rehabilitation project due to their long-standing expertise in quality bulk earth works.

The site is being sealed with a combination of geo-synthetic clay liner, 3,000 tonnes of recycled glass sand and 3,000 tonnes of recycled 18/7 aggregate screenings.

MBS Company Director Jeff Bright said they chose Alex Fraser’s recycled products because when they mixed the sand with the aggregate it provided the best grading for the application, and excellent drainage. The products also comply with MBS’s sustainability policy which is great for both contractor and client.

“ We’ve been extremely happy with the product’s performance, along with the service and reliability that comes with working with Alex Fraser,” he said.

The project is well underway and expected to be completed by mid-2019.

The use of Alex Fraser materials on this project has:

1.      REDUCED landfill by 6,000 tonnes

2.      REDUCED carbon emissions by 39 tonnes

3.      REDUCED traffic by 18 truck movements

4.      PRESERVED natural resources by 6,533 tonnes.

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