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2017 Safety Summit lays plans for improvements

Date: 30-Aug-2017

Alex Fraser’s annual Safety Summit was held in August, bringing together 50 business leaders responsible for driving and coordinating our safety efforts.

At this annual event we lay the foundations for our annual safety plan. With all our leaders around the table, we identify hazards and the practical controls we need to implement to make the coming year’s work safer for our people.

Alex Fraser has an unwavering commitment to safety. We believe:

·         Safety is integral to operational excellence

·         Our safest sites are our most productive sites

·         We aim for zero harm and zero high potential incidents

·         We don’t want any of our workmates injured

·         You see it, you own it.

This year’s Safety Summit brought these values to life, by identifying areas of improvement and the practical steps we can take to make every job on every site safer, for everybody.

We recognised that good progress has been made in the areas of traffic management, contractor management, housekeeping, and management of tip heads. We identified the areas we need to focus to provide safer workplaces in 2018.

For more highlights from our 2017 Safety Summit watch our Planning for a Safer Future Video:


·         A focus on good quality daily hazard ID

·         A focus on Fixed Plant Risk Assessments to identify all stored energies (Recycling)

·         A focus on the projected increase in work, and resources to provide strong inductions and training.

·         Development of 2018 Safety Plan. 

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