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Eddie’s New Excavator

Date: 30-Oct-2017

When Laverton Recycling’s excavator operator Edward (Eddie) Edwards got to work on the morning of his birthday he never imagined he’d get such a BIG surprise.  The latest release model ZX490 Hitachi Excavator was waiting for him to take her on her maiden run.

Eddie has been with Alex Fraser for more than 11 years - starting out as a picker and moving on to bobcat operator, steel processor and crusher operator before finally stepping up to excavator operator, eight years ago.

“Eleven years all up – this place is like home, now. And then, on my birthday, I was given this absolutely beautiful machine to work in every day. It makes me very happy, and my family very proud. When I showed my son he said: ‘Dad, you’re the luckiest man on earth’,” Eddie told us.

“I’m so grateful to Alex Fraser and to Simon for the opportunities I’ve been given. This new machine is the icing on my birthday cake.”

Laverton Recycling Site Manager Simon Hoy said Eddie was one of the best excavator operators he’d worked with.

“The new machine offers more power, increased efficiencies, easy maintenance and better fuel economy. For Eddie, it means his job is a whole lot easier and enjoyable, “said Simon.

Group Manager Fixed Plant & Mobile Equipment Dean Walsh said it was a pleasure to entrust the new excavator to someone like Eddie, who is dedicated to looking after their equipment. 

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