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SIS celebrates 17 year LTI free

Date: 30-Nov-2017

In November of 2017, our team at Swire Industrial Services (SIS) in Port Kembla, celebrated 17 years LTI (Lost-Time Injury) free.

Operations Manager Tony Elrington credited his team on achieving this exceptional milestone.

“It all comes down to our employees, and how serious they are about safety – they’re out there every day working on production, maintaining our plant and equipment. They’re the ones at risk when something goes wrong.”

Tony said the team had been integral to their safety success. “These guys are serious about safety; they know it’s up to them to identify the hazards and put controls in place to keep everyone safe. They focus on identifying hazards and implementing the controls before they start work, they follow procedures, isolate and reporting potential issues. In turn, we make sure to action every issue raised, and provide regular and open feedback to everyone.”

Tony acknowledged BlueScope’s driven safety culture and robust isolation systems as key influencers of SIS’ safety culture. 

“When it comes to safety, BlueScope are leaders.  We’ve adopted much of their culture, as well as their systems for isolation. We’ve been able to share this knowledge throughout Alex Fraser where we’ve standardised procedures on the identification and isolation of energy sources.  

Alex Fraser MD Peter Murphy thanked Tony and his team at Port Kembla for their important contribution to safety at Alex Fraser.

“Tony, Mark and the crew at Port Kembla have made an enormous contribution to Alex Fraser’s safety culture - we’ll miss their collaboration and insight. We wish the entire SIS team the very best for the new year, under the leadership of Kalari,” said Peter. 

Congratulations and best wishes to Danny Archer, Craig Martin, Eric Johnston, Steve Sault, Adam Rosewarn, Bill Roukos, Julie Cook, Kristy Sattin, Mark Stone and Tony Elrington.

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