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Date: 17-Oct-2016

In October, Alex Fraser held its second Safety Summit which brought together 38 people from across the business to share learnings of work done to improve safety so far, and consider the most critical areas for improvement in 2017.

It was clear in every discussion at the Summit that we need to maintain our focus on traffic management and especially pedestrian safety right across our business. We have made some progress but this is an area where one mistake can easily result in a fatality. We need to make sure we consistently implement the controls we have already developed, and find more ways to protect every employee and visitor from moving vehicles and equipment. This includes how to protect our employees from vehicles driven by members of the public.
Resourcing levels remain an ongoing challenge. We are constantly changing shift times across the business and we need to make sure we resource adequate rest, adequate housekeeping around sites and adequate maintenance of equipment. Busy times are a test of our safety focus, and no matter how urgent the job, we must do it with people who are fit to work, and equipment that is well maintained.

1. To address the challenge of resourcing levels, eleven appointments have been made and interviews are underway for nine other positions.

2. Eighteen internal Contractor and Risk Management audits have been completed. These have evaluated our application and effectiveness of our Contractor and Risk Management Standards.

3. Having members of the public on our recycling sites introduces many risks:

  • A Tip Head Risk Assessment has been introduced. This captures our prior learnings and supports hazard identification and risk assessment prior to any changes to the Tip Head. This is an area of our sites that is regularly changing, where the traffic movements are high, and where a failure to maintain controls can easily have fatal consequences. Feedback is that it is relatively easy for sites to complete and a useful tool
  • New signs have been ordered, to provide clearer instructions for members of the public at Recycling weighbridges and tip heads

4. We spend a lot of time training our staff and it’s an area we can further standardise and simplify. For new workers, initial training can be overwhelming. A training workshop was held in November, to break down the content of training that a new worker with Alex Fraser will receive on their:

  • First day
  • Within their first week
  • Within the first few months
  • Annual refresher training.
This training workshop covered HR, safety and operations training. The packages of training will be introduced in 2017 and will continue buddying-up for some roles.

1. Continuation of MATES learnings, You See It, You Own It

2. Focus on Speaking Up – asking each worker to raise a safety item at Toolbox Meetings

3. Isolation and Traffic Management audits

4. Review of resourcing so workers (including supervisors and managers) can comply with our Work Hours Matrix

5. Improvements to Rapid Induct, so contractor’s site inductions and tickets can be easily viewed before a job and verified during safety observations.

We will present the 2017 Safety Plan to everyone in our business and it will take the commitment of all of us to further improve safety at Alex Fraser. A lot of our safety progress is due to practical initiatives from people on site finding a better way to work. We are looking forward to more of these in 2017.

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