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Date: 15-Dec-2016

Twelve months on from Alex Fraser being awarded the contract to supply product for the duplication of Doherty’s Road between Foundation and Fitzgerald Roads, the project has been finished ahead of schedule.

Doherty’s Road is a significant eastwest freight route in the City of Wyndham, one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities. It helps connect major industrial estates to the M80, Princes Freeway and Port of Melbourne. This duplication will be welcomed by the more than 16,500 vehicles who use the road daily, of which a third are heavy vehicles, as it will significantly improve safety, reduce congestion and travel times.

Alex Fraser paved 31,000 square metres with 14,000 tonnes of asphalt, and supplied 60,000 tonnes of crushed product, including Type A capping, Class 3 Roadbase and Cement Treated Material. The asphalt products included a fatigue base layer, and intermediary layer and a high performance heavy duty top layer.

This has been a demanding job on a busy road. Good scheduling has been critical. Both the Laverton Asphalt plant and recycling plants have worked nightshift, and a lot of the paving has been done at night.

Negri Contractors Managing Director Ron Negri said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Alex Fraser to complete this job on time. Their people have done an excellent job to reliably deliver the quantity required and to meet the deadlines despite Melbourne’s challenging weather over the past few months.”

This project is right outside one of the world’s leading recycling facilities and Alex Fraser worked closely with Wyndham City Council to maximise the use of recycled content throughout the project. Managing Director Peter Murphy said: “Wyndham City Council know they can build high quality infrastructure with high quality recycled materials and they work with us to make that happen.”

The environment has also benefitted from the use of Alex Fraser materials. An estimated 378 tonnes of carbon has been saved and 170 less truck movements made than if regular quarried materials had been used.

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