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Paving the way at Webb Dock

Date: 28-Apr-2015

Paving the way at Webb Dock Alex Fraser, Australia’s leading producer of sustainable materials for the civil construction industry, is to supply 340,000 tonnes of recycled material to a major project at the Port of Melbourne in Victoria.

A new automotive Roll-On/ Roll-Off terminal is being developed at the port’s Webb Dock West and will go into operation next year. Designed to accommodate vessels that carry road vehicles, the facility will include a 920-metre ship berth and a fully enclosed 8,000 square-metre cargo storage area; up to a million vehicles are expected to pass through the terminal every year.

Alex Fraser will supply approximately 300,000 tonnes of Class 2, 3 and 4 Crushed Concrete and 8,500 tonnes of Recycled Sand – equating to savings of approximately 1,465 tonnes in terms of reduced carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to the road base materials, Alex Fraser’s Asphalt Division is expected to lay nearly 40,000 tonnes of both deep and thin-lift asphalt that includes a high percentage of recycled content.

The joint project between Recycling and Asphalt highlights the way Alex Fraser products and services complement each other, while the site’s location also benefits from its close proximity to the company’s network of facilities in Melbourne.

Webb Dock was the location Alex Fraser’s Port Melbourne recycling facility between 1989 and 2004 and played an important role in the company’s transition from demolition expert to large-scale supplier to the civil construction industry.

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