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Melbourne Water: a relationship built on durable products and excellent delivery

Date: 8-Jan-2016

The Eastern Treatment Plant, at Bangholme in Melbourne’s east, treats approximately 45 per cent of Melbourne’s sewage and services about 1.5 million people in the city’s south- eastern and eastern suburbs.

The plant treats sludge – the remaining solids from the biological treatment of sewage – which accumulates in treatment ponds which is then pumped to the sludge drying pans to form biosolids before being harvested and stockpiled.

A long term relationship
Since 2005 Alex Fraser has maintained a strong relationship with Melbourne Water and has supplied over 600,000 tonnes of cement treated crushed concrete for the construction of sludge drying pans at the plant. Alex Fraser has recently been awarded another contract to supply material – this time in excess of 100,000 tonnes – for the construction of eight further drying pans.

Strong and durable materials
Class 3 crushed concrete with 4 per cent cement additive has been chosen as the preferred material because of its strength and durability. As part of the harvesting process, a bulldozer is required to operate within the pans.  Building a cement treated base eliminates any major damage during harvesting, avoids costly and time consuming repairs, and provides a longer operating life.

Supplying volume and quality
“A project of this nature requires a supplier that is capable of supplying large daily volumes of material as well as a quality product. Alex Fraser was able to provide a sound solution to meet the needs of both Melbourne Water, and their contractor Gearons Civil Pty Ltd,” said Jason Walsh, Sales Manager, Recycling Industries.

Deliveries for the project will start in early December and continue throughout the summer until March next year.

Approximately 672,000 kg of Co2 will be saved than if traditional quarried rock had been used – the equivalent of taking 132 cars off the road for a year.

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