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Improving your turnaround time on our sites

Date: 30-Oct-2013

Our site traffic management requirements are aimed at keeping our customers, employees and contractors safe when they visit our sites. They also allow for a faster turnaround time for our customers.

Here are some key requirements for those entering our sites:

- Stop at our weighbridge customer service window for instructions.
- Have an operating UHF radio on the correct channel
- Have an operating flashing light on the vehicle
- Obey all signs on site including speed limits.
- If getting out of their vehicle have the correct PPE and stay within 1.5m of the vehicle. If you have any issues, contact the Load Inspector or Sales Loader Operator by UHF radio. Do not move away from your vehicle.
- Maintain a clearance of 10m from: tipping trucks, operating mobile equipment and pedestrians.
- Any passengers must stay in vehicle
- Truck bodies must be lowered before leaving the Tip Head
- Tail gate closing must be done in the signposted tail gate closing area; manual tarps must be closed in the signposted tarp closing area.

Your help will help us improve your safety and turnaround time on our sites!

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