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Nudgee Beach community programme support improves site facilities

Date: 20-May-2013

Since 2011, Alex Fraser Queensland has been supporting a special project at the Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre (NBEEC). The centre runs a Cert III level course called ‘Deadly Science: Connecting to Country’. The programme has been developed to address engagement, retention, attainment and pathway opportunities. 25 Indigenous and non-Indigenous year 11 and 12 students from six schools are taking part in the course. ‘Deadly Science’ is outdoor-based and features different course components, such as natural area restoration and re-vegetation.

Alex Fraser has supported the project by offering financial support for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as the refurbishment of a greenhouse and equipment like pots, water tanks, gravel, shade cloth and a brand new irrigation system. The new greenhouse improves students’ involvement by enabling them to plant their own native plants and tree seedlings. They will also gain marketable skills in plant propagation and observe the benefits of re-vegetation on the local foreshore. Another positive side effect is the reduced need of the education centre to purchase seedlings.

Alex Fraser Queensland has been working hard to gain support for the programme working closely with Course Coordinator Phillip Breslin since 2011. He states: “At times it can be quite a complex task applying for funding, let alone developing community partnerships with local industries, which are most often thought of as tokenistic gestures rather than an endeavour focused on sustainable development. I believe the partnership between Alex Fraser and the Nudgee Beach Environmental Centre is a prime example of how industry can support education. It is important to realise that what we doing here is not a cost but an investment in the future.” He adds: “My aim is to develop student’s self-confidence and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture whist training them with real-life transferable employability skills.”

The project will hopefully become a permanent part of the Centre. Alex Fraser will continue to offer its support to this fantastic community programme.

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