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Alex Fraser assists Brisbane Airport development projects

Date: 20-May-2013

Upgrading The Gateway to Queensland
The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is progressing with a number of key upgrades to Brisbane Airport – the gateway to Queensland. Over the next ten years BAC will be delivering over $2 billion in new airport infrastructure, including a new runway, redevelopment of the international terminal, multiple airfield upgrades, access road upgrades and a number of new commercial buildings and facilities.

In the past six months Alex Fraser has played a small but significant part in some of these projects. To date a total of over 40,000 tonnes of RM001, RM003, RM005, crusher dust and drainage material has been supplied to a variety of small projects.

Car rental depot
One of Australia’s best known rental car business operates an off-terminal service depot at Brisbane Airport to clean and service the fleet of rental cars available from their airport terminals. The existing depot had to make way for the development of the airport’s new second runway. Specialist bulk excavations, civil earthworks and drainage contractor SEQ Excavations won the tender in 2011 for the civil earthworks at the new depot. Soon after winning the contract, they asked Alex Fraser to supply 22,000 tonnes of RM 001 and RM 003 for a 40,000 square metre area of flexible pavement. The new large site was finalised in December 2012.

SEQ’s decision to award the tender to Alex Fraser was based on a combination of competitive pricing, the willingness and ability to supply the requested volumes at the requested times, combined with excellent customer service and flexibility.

Lomandra Drive warehouse development
Also on the fringe of Brisbane Airport, a large storage warehouse is being developed. SEQ Excavations was contracted to provide civil earthworks, civil drainage and a car park for this new warehouse. The work on this project commenced early in 2013. Alex Fraser is expected to supply 6,500 tonnes of RM material.

Brett Murray, SEQ Excavations’ Project Manager for both projects is impressed with the quality of Alex Fraser’s sustainable products. He states: “I like it better than quarried products, for the simple fact that the materials set extremely hard. Recycled concrete seems to stand up better than the quarried materials, which is especially important in the Queensland climate, where tropical storms are not uncommon.”

DHL Express Warehouse
On the site that once housed the international terminal, commercial and industrial builders Tomkins Pty Ltd are finalising the development of a new DHL Express warehouse and distribution centre. To date, Alex Fraser has supplied 9,000 tonnes of RM 003, RM 005 and Aggregates for Tomkins as part of the civil earthworks and drainage of the new site.

Site Manager Matthew Gardiner found the recycled concrete very easy to work with and supported the statement that the products set harder than the quarried equivalent. He also enjoyed the customer service and communication he received from Alex Fraser during the project. He added: “We really like Alex Fraser’s quick turnaround, flexibility and good customer service. We are always informed when deliveries will be made, so we can make sure we’re ready. In the odd case where we have been delayed in the past, Alex Fraser has been more than happy to delay the delivery to ensure our processes aren’t delayed. We’ve used Alex Fraser’s services for years and would be happy to use their services again in the future.”

Building on airport land is especially challenging because of the stringent criteria that need to be met in regards to the consistency and overall quality of the products. Alex Fraser’s rigorous NATA-accredited testing regime ensured all specifications were met, and exceeded. Alex Fraser’s price-competitiveness and the ability to supply large volumes, while still ensuring a quick turnaround time were also key motivators in the clients’ decision-making processes.

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