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VicRoads guide to allowable recycled products in road construction

VicRoads has introduced a new technical note T107, which provides guidance in the use of recycled materials in pavement works as an alternative to the use of conventional materials from quarried sources. The technical note also highlights the increased amount of supplementary materials permissible in asphalt mixes and other roadbase materials such as brick, Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP), and fine crushed glass cullet.

These products can now be blended and still meet the requirements of section 820 or 812. It also confirms that Class 2 concrete is now suitable for roads with a Design Traffic Loading of up to 3x10 6 Equivalent Standard Axles.

Crushed granular mixes incorporating recycled materials must be registered in accordance with Vicroads Code of Practice RC500.02.

Alex Fraser Recycling has worked closely with Vicroads to develop many Class 2,3 & 4 mix designs that incorporate higher percentages of supplementary materials, while ensuring quality & performance requirements are still met. Projects such as the Penninsula Link Project, Dingley Arterial, M80 Upgrade, and Anthonys Cutting Realignment WHRP have already used these products.

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