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Rescue dog training in Laverton

Alex Fraser played host to Search And Rescue Dogs Australia (SARDA). On Saturday 17 November the Laverton tipping area was the scene of a simulation-based training session with five dogs and eight ‘victims’ and trainers. SARDA provides specially trained search and rescue dogs for Emergency Services to assist in locating missing persons.

Members are volunteers who spend considerable time each week training their dogs in a diverse range of emergency situations. They also engage in training in emergency procedures and the use of emergency equipment, survival and navigational skills, advanced search and rescue dog handling methods and personal fitness.

Eight SARDA volunteers simulated a realistic scenario to create a challenging test for the five dogs. The tipping area at the Laverton site offers the ideal training site due to the large amount of construction and demolition waste, which is very similar to a collapsed building.

Julie Cowan, Head Trainer and Secretary at SARDA, states: “We had the BEST training session on Saturday at your site. Thank you so much for allowing our dogs to work on site and appreciate the cooperation required to put our dogs into all situations. Thanks to all who were present – we had a great time ‘playing hide and seek with the dogs”.

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