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Leading the way in glass recycling

Date: 17-Dec-2014

Glass recycling is a challenge for many communities and each year in Melbourne alone about 250,000 tonnes of glass is collected from our kerbsides. Some of this makes its way back into glass production but over 100,000 tonnes of this is stockpiled in the hope that it can find alternate uses.

Sand sources are becoming increasingly difficult to find in metropolitan areas and Alex Fraser has focused on bringing these two challenges together to create an opportunity.

Alex Fraser has worked with VicRoads, Sustainability Victoria and its customers for over 10 years and has found an increasing number of ways to recycle the material and use it as sand.

During that time output has increased and last month a record tonnage of glass was reused as an additive to our road base and asphalt products. We are constantly working on ways to increase the use of recycled sand and a current project includes extending its use into concrete.

Iain Hart from Hytec said: “We are looking forward to working closely with Alex Fraser to increase the use of recycled glass in concrete production. This use of glass waste provides a benefit to the community and provides an opportunity for developers and builders to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Currently, production is focused on increasing the use of residual glass fines as a sand additive in road base and asphalt products and industry feedback is that Alex Fraser is a clear leader, in Australia as well as internationally. Like all innovations, it is only partly about bright ideas. The progress so far has been at least as much about persistence in developing end uses and persistence in refining production methods.

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