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Introducing Green Roads, by Alex Fraser

Date: 10-Sep-2017

Green Roads by Alex Fraser is our new community engagement brand. We developed it to help communicate with people beyond our industry about the positive environmental impact we make as Australia’s leading provider of recycled construction materials.

Alex Fraser is staunchly committed to reducing the environmental impact of development and the sustainable use of resources. We recycle more than 3 million tonnes of construction materials every year – that equates to huge environmental returns, but very few people understand its importance or impact.

Our innovative approach to resource recovery and recycling is helping to solve some of the country’s biggest issues around waste management – as we divert thousands of tonnes of concrete, brick, asphalt and glass from landfill to produce high quality materials for major infrastructure works, like roads, bridges, pavements and ports.

Our mission with Green Roads is to engage the community and compel them to insist that developers and governments choose a greener way when planning and building our cities.


When they choose Green Roads the community and the planet benefit in four significant ways:

1.      Less landfill

2.      Less carbon emissions

3.      Less truck traffic

4.      Less extraction of natural resources

We need your HELP to SPREAD the WORD. Here’s how:  

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